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G-8 resource management staff officer

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 5-0.1) The ACOS, G-8 is singularly responsible for all financial management (resource management and finance operations) within theater. As the principal financial management advisor to the commander, this officer directs, prioritizes, and supervises the operations and functions of the G-8 staff sections assigned to the G-8 and the contingency command post. In coordination with the financial management center and through the theater sustainment command, the G-8 establishes and implements command finance operations policy. The G-8 is responsible for those operational financial management tasks supporting the theater. This officer advises the theater commander on laws and financial management regulations governing obligations, expenditures, and limitations on the use of public funds. The G-8 coordinates financial management policies and practices with the expeditionary contracting command to ensure guidance is executed in accordance with Department of the Army (DA) mandates. (FM 1-06 discusses the G-8 responsibilities in detail.) The financial management center is a modular and tailorable operational financial management unit. Its mission is inextricably linked to the theater army G-8, but it is assigned to a theater sustainment command. The financial management center supports the Army Service component command, theater sustainment command, and the expeditionary sustainment command by providing cash management, internal controls, accounting, automation, and technical guidance for financial management companies and financial management detachments. To provide adequate theater and national-provider responsiveness and support, the financial management center maintains visibility of all financial management operations and placement of all operational and tactical financial management units in theater. The financial management center provides technical coordination of all theater finance operations and collected advice to the theater army G-8 and the theater sustainment command commander on all aspects of theater finance operations.

Broader Terms:

Coordinating Staff Officer

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