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S-7 inform and influence activities staff officer

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 5-0.1) The ACOS, G-7 (S-7) is the principal staff officer responsible for planning, coordinating, and integrating inform and influence activities of the command. The G-7 (S-7) assists the commander to establish, synchronize, and integrate actions with information themes and messages. This coordination provides consistent messages to diverse audiences, including foreign friendly, neutrals, adversaries, and enemies. The G-7 (S-7) has staff coordination responsibility for synchronizing, deconflicting, and integrating public affairs, military information support operations, Soldier and leader engagement, military deception, and commander-designated enablers. The G-7 (S-7) prepares Annex J (Inform and Influence Activities) to the operation order or operation plan. (Refer to FM 3-13 and FM 7-15 for more detailed information on the duties and responsibilities of the G-7 [S-7].)

Broader Terms:

Coordinating Staff Officer

Related Terms:

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Chief of protection
Chief of sustainment
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