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S-3 operations staff officer

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 5-01.1) The G-3 (S-3) operations officer?s responsibilities are unique within the coordinating staff. In addition to coordinating the activities of the movement and maneuver warfighting function, the operations officer is the primary staff officer for integrating and synchronizing the operation as a whole for the commander. While the COS or XO directs the efforts of the entire staff, the operations officer ensures warfighting function integration and synchronization across the planning horizons in current operations integration, future operations, and plans integrating cells (see paragraphs 3-37 through 3-46). Additionally, the operations officer authenticates all plans and orders for the commander to ensure the warfighting functions are synchronized in time, space, and purpose in accordance with the commander?s intent and planning guidance. In conjunction with the G-5 (S-5), the G-3 (S-3) prepares Annex A (Task Organization), Annex C (Operations), and Annex M (Assessment) to the operation order or operation plan. The G-3 (S-3) prepares Annex L (Reconnaissance and Surveillance), Annex R (Reports), Annex V (Interagency Coordination), and Annex Z (Distribution). (See FM 3-0, FM 5-0, FM 6-0, and FM 7-15 for more information on the duties and responsibilities of the G-3 [S-3].)

Broader Terms:

Coordinating Staff Officer

Related Terms:

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Chief of protection
Chief of sustainment
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