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Coordinating Staff Officer

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 5-0.1) Coordinating staff officers are the commander’s principal ssistants who advise, plan, and coordinate actions within their area of expertise or a warfighting function. Collectively, through the COS or XO, coordinating staff officers answer to the commander. Commanders may designate coordinating staff officers as assistant chiefs of staff, deputy chiefs of staff, chiefs of a warfighting function, or staff officers. Coordinating staff officers also exercise planning and supervisory authority over designated special staff officers as designated. See ATTP 5-0.1 for examples of coordinating staff officers.

Narrower Terms:

Chief of fires
Chief of protection
Chief of sustainment
G-5 plans staff officer
G-8 resource management staff officer
S-1 personnel staff officer
S-2 intelligence staff officer
S-3 operations staff officer
S-4 logistics staff officer
S-6 signal staff officer
S-7 inform and influence activities staff officer
S-9 civil affairs operations staff officer

Related Terms:

Army special staff

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