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United States Army Training Center

Definition/Scope: (AR 612-201) Training centers designed to train personnel in the art of warfare such as army values, uniformity standards, policies, weapons, unarmed self defense, offensive and defensive operations to name a couple of requirments. It is at the training center that most people get their first look at the military and the training personnel go to great lengths to ensure that the training is not only realistic but that the soldier is able to complete the training. Some of the training centers are Forts Benning, Bliss, Eustis, Gordon, Huachuca, Jackson, Knox, Lee, Leonard Wood, Redstone Arsenal, Rucker, and Sill. There are other training centers such as Carlisle Barracks, Fort Leavenworth and Aberdeen Proving Ground that are for specialized traing such as for officers only.

Used For:

Army Training Center
Army Training Center and Fort Jackson
Mobilization Army Training Center
US Army Training Center and Fort Jackson



Broader Terms:

104th Division (Institutional Training)
Army Accessions Command
Army Human Resources Command
military occupational specialties
US Total Army Personnel Command

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Individual Training
Basic Combat Training
One Station Unit Training

Related Terms:

Fort Jackson
Institutional training domain
Military Entrance Processing Command
Mobilization Army Training Center

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