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Task Force 70

Definition/Scope: ( Task Force 70 (TF-70) is the Carrier Strike Group component of Battle Force Seventh Fleet commanded by Rear Admiral J. R. Haley. It is centered on the USS George Washington (CVN 73) and the embarked Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5). Admiral Haley also commands Surface Combatant Force Seventh Fleet (or Task Force 75) comprised of Aegis Cruisers USS Shiloh (CG 67) and USS Cowpens (CG 63) and the seven assigned ships of Destroyer Squadron Fifteen (CDS-15). USS George Washington and the nine surface combatant ships operate out of Yokosuka, Japan, while Carrier Air Wing Five operates out of Atsugi, Japan, when not embarked on the USS George Washington. Together, they form the critical combat elements of the U.S. Seventh Fleet as the U.S. Navy?s only permanently forward deployed and largest carrier strike group, designated Carrier Strike Group Five (CSG 5). CSG5 forces have a higher operational tempo and are an average of 17 steaming days closer to locations in Asia than naval forces based in the continental United States. As Commander of Battle Force Seventh Fleet, Rear Admiral Haley also has operational control of all carrier strike groups and surface combatants that deploy or transit through the Seventh Fleet area of responsibility.

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Broader Terms:

7th fleet
US Navy
US Pacific Command, Combatant Command, AOR/Unified

Related Terms:

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