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US Army Test and Evaluation Command

Definition/Scope: The mission of the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) is to: plan, conduct, and integrate developmental testing, independent operational testing, independent evaluations, assessments, and experiments to provide essential information to Soldiers and into the hands of acquisition decision makers supporting the American Warfighter. Their vision is to be the premier test and evaluation organization within DoD - valued by customers and decision makers for providing essential information that ensures Warfighters have the right capabilities for success across the entire spectrum of operations. ATEC was established October 1, 1999 by the Vice Chief of Staff with the primary function of ensuring that our Soldiers go to war with weapons that work. ATEC has overall responsibility for all Army developmental and operational testing, operating from three fully integrated major subordinate commands; the U.S. Army Developmental Test Command (DTC) (previously known as the Test and Evaluation command), U.S. Army Operational Test Command (OTC) (previuosly known as the Test and Experimentation Command ); and the U.S. Army Evaluation Center (AEC) (combination of the Operational Evaluation Command and the Evaluation Analysis Center).


Army Test and Evaluation Command

Used For:

Operational Test and Evaluation Command



Broader Terms:

Direct Reporting Units (Army)

Narrower Terms:

Aberdeen Test Center
Army Aviation Technical Test Center
Army Evaluation Center
Developmental Test Command
Dugway Proving Ground
Electronic Proving Ground
Operational Test Command
Redstone Technical Test Center
U.S. Army Evaluation Center
U.S. Army Operational Test Command
White Sands Missile Range
YPG Cold Regions Test Center
YPG Tropic Regions Center
Yuma Proving Ground

Related Terms:

Army Commands
Army Service Component Command
equipment testing
Fort Hood
Future Combat System
major Army commands

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