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Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Kuwait

Definition/Scope: (DLA) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Distribution Kuwait, Southwest Asia was established on August 30, 2004. DLA Distribution Kuwait, Southwest Asia is DLA Distribution’s first established distribution facility in Southwest Asia and was formed based on a request from the United States Central Command (CENTCOM). The primary mission provides forward stock positioning support and enhanced physical distribution services to the Armed Forces located in the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR). Its distribution facilities are strategically positioned in Southwest Asia to reduce transportation and customer wait time. The distribution center provides distribution services and surge capability to all four service components to support the warfighters operating in the AOR. Current commodities distributed by DLA Distribution Kuwait, Southwest Asia are repair parts, barrier/construction materiel, clothing, textiles and tentage. DLA Distribution Kuwait, Southwest Asia also provides consolidated shipment and containerization services, as well as, routine logistic support to the military community in the DLA Distribution Kuwait, Southwest Asian area of operations. DLA Distribution Kuwait, Southwest Asia also leads a Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point, or TCSP, in Kuwait. The TCSP serves as the primary conduit for Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom sustainment (primarily classes II, IIIP, IV, and IX) entering the Theater. The TCSP rapidly consolidates/segregates shipments arriving from multiple sources and prepares them for onward movement directly to the warfighters.

Used For:

Defense Distribution Depot Kuwait SW Asia


DLA Distribution Kuwait

Broader Terms:

Defense Distribution Center
Southwest Asia

Related Terms:

19th Theater Support Command
distribution centers
distribution points
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation New Dawn

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