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Army Tactical Missile System

Definition/Scope: The Army Tactical Missile System (Army TACMS) is a family of long-range, near all-weather guided missiles fired from the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) M270 launcher and deployed within the ammunition loads of corps MLRS battalions. The Army TACMS provides the joint task force (JTF) and corps commanders an operational fires capability for precision engagement of the enemy throughout the depth of the battlefield beyond the range of currently fielded cannons and rockets. It delays disrupts, neutralizes or destroys high payoff targets such as combat maneuver units, surface to surface missile units, air defense units, command/control/ communications sites and helicopter forward area rearming/refueling points. The Block IA is an upgrade intended to double the range of the current Army TACMS Block I missile. Army TACMS Block IA will dispense M74 Anti-Personnel, Anti-Materiel (APAM) bomblets, as does the Block I. The Army TACMS Block IA's ability to engage the enemy at extended ranges will reinforce the dominant maneuver force by helping the JTF commander shape the battlespace.


MGM-140 Army Tactical Missile System



Broader Terms:

antitank missile
ballistic missile
Lockheed Martin
M39 Missile system
Missile Defense Agency

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense
High Mobility Artillery Rocket System
M270 launcher
M39 Missile system

Related Terms:

missile defense

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