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28th Infantry Division (ARNG)

Definition/Scope: Headquarters in Pennsylvania the 28th Infantry Division is a unit of the Army National Guard and is the oldest division-sized unit in the armed forces of the United States. The division was officially established in 1879 and was later redesignated as the 28th Division in 1917, after the entry of America into the First World War. Nicknamed "Bloody Bucket". In 2001, the 28th Infantry Division's 56th Brigade was selected as the only National Guard force to be transformed to a Stryker Brigade Combat Team or SBCT. The other six SBCT units are active duty Army. The 28th ID has the following subordinate units: 2nd Infantry Brigade, 55th Armored Brigade, 56th Armored Brigade, Division Artillery, 28th Aviation Brigade, 28th Engineer Brigade, and the Div Support Command.


28th ID (ARNG)

Broader Terms:

ARNG Infantry divisions

Related Terms:

Bloody Bucket

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