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Army noncommissioned officer academies

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The Noncommissioned officer academies (NCOAs) provide NCOES training at the appropriate skill level to prepare NCOs for future operational assignments. b. The MACOMs establish NCOAs in conjunction with Chief, National Guard Bureau (CNGB) (together with the CG, TRADOC, and State Adjutants General) and Chief, Army Reserve (CAR) (together with CG, FORSCOM; CG, TRADOC; and the DCS, G–3/5/7). The NCOAs will be established in accordance with CG, TRADOC and DCS, G–3/5/7 policies. c. The designation of NCOAs and the division of the training base into NCOAs geographic regions are discussed in appendix E. d. The USASMA accredits NCOAs and NCOES courses. Proponent schools assist in the accreditation process of the technical tract training for their respective BNCOCs and ANCOCs. Final accreditation is determined jointly by the USASMA and the responsible proponent school. e. Students attending NCOAs courses will be placed in a live–in learning environment during the resident portion of the course. Students will maintain high standards of military courtesy, conduct, and physical fitness. However, the level of discipline maintained by NCOAs must not interfere with the learning environment.

Used For:

NCO Academy
USANCOA (Noncommissioned Officer Academy)



Broader Terms:

Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
TRADOC schools

Narrower Terms:

10th Mountain Division (Light) NCO Academy
14th Battalion NCOES
7th Army NCO Academy
Army Air Defense NCO Academy
Army Armor Center NCO Academy
Army Aviation NCO Academy
Army MiIitary Intelligence NCO Academy
Army Ordnance NCO Academy
Army Sergeants Major Academy
Army Signal Corps Regimental NCO Academy
Army Transportation Center NCO Academy
Henry Caro NCO Academy
Henry H. Lind NCO Academy
III Corps NCO Academy
JRTC NCO Academy
MANSCEN NCO Academy and Drill Sergeant School
Quartermaster NCO Academy
SSG John W. Kreckel NCO Academy
Wightman NCO Academy
XVIII Airborne Corps NCO Academy

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