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US Army Medical Command

Definition/Scope: Army command responsible for managing Army’s health care delivery and supportive services, the Army hospital system, and all medical training for the Army. Includes virtually all the Army Medical Department except field units. MEDCOM’s three-star commander is also the Army Surgeon General.

Used For:

Army Health Services Command
Health Services Command
HSC (Health Services Command)
US Army Health Services Command



Broader Terms:

Direct Reporting Units (Army)

Narrower Terms:

Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
Army Dental Command
Army Medical Department
Army Medical Department Center and School
Army Medical Research and Materiel Command
Army Veterinary Service
Joint Trauma Analysis and Prevention of Injury in Combat
MEDCOM installations
regional medical commands (Army)

Related Terms:

Army Commands
Army Service Component Command
Army Surgeon General
Fort Sam Houston
major Army commands

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