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Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program

Definition/Scope: (JNLWD) The purpose of the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP) is to provide warfighters a family of non-lethal weapon systems with a range of capabilities across the full spectrum of threats and crises. These options can range from simple, commercially available items such as bean-bag rounds, pepper spray and entangling devices to directed-energy systems that provide non-lethal effects at greater distances. Non-lethal weapons have applications in numerous military scenarios, including deterring potentially dangerous individuals at extended ranges, stopping suspicious vehicles and rendering enemy assets inoperable with little or no collateral damage. These escalation-of-force tools provide the commander flexible options, both in time and range, to the diverse and challenging threats our forces face. Non-lethal weapons do not replace lethal force options but rather expand the force options available to warfighters so they can tailor their capabilities to mission needs. The JNLWD is also the DoD NLW liaison to foreign entities on matters of mutual interest concerning NLWs, and it serves as the EA’s representative to a wide range of audiences including Combatant Commanders, the Joint Staff, Services, DoD and government agencies, academia, commercial vendors, and senior government and political officials.



Broader Terms:

Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
US Marine Corps

Related Terms:

escalation of force
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