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Definition/Scope: Army staff and managerial positions and organizations are grouped into like nomenclatures. S-1 – S-6 are the staff or office positions usually located at the Battalion and below commands. G-1 – G-8 are located at Brigade and higher positions. J-1 – J-9 are unique in that they are Joint positions that have all Department of Defense services in them. The G9/Civil Affairs Operations Section engages and influences the civil populace within the GCC AOR by planning, executing, assessing, and transitioning Civil Affairs Operations (CAO) and Civil Military Operations (CMO) in Army, joint, interagency, and multinational operations to support the theater army. The G-9 Section accomplishes its mission and functions by coordinating, synchronizing, and integrating the theater army‘s civil-military plans, programs, and policies with strategic and operational objectives as directed by higher authority and coordinated with interagency partners. The G-9 Section provides subject matter advice and accurate civil component analysis to other staff elements of the MCP by maintaining the CAO running estimate and analyzing civil information and civil reconnaissance reports that support the development of the CAO Annex of theater army OPLANs/OPORDs. The G-9 Section further provides politico-military support to other government agencies, host nations, Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) by coordinating and integrating joint, interagency, and multinational support into theater army operations.

Broader Terms:

Civil Military Operation

Narrower Terms:

civil affairs activities
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program

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