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Afghan National Police

Definition/Scope: The Afghan National Police (ANP) is the Afghan government's overarching police institution; it operates under the authority of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI). Together with the Afghan National Army (ANA, p. 4), the ANP make up the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). The ANP's roles span a wide spectrum of security activities including law enforcement, maintenance of order, criminal investigation, border security, counter-narcotics and counter terrorism. The ANP consists of the following police forces: National Police or Afghan • Uniformed Police (AUP), Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP), Afghan Border Police (ABP), Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA), Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Afghan Customs Police (ACP), Counter Terrorism Police (CTP), and the Afghanistan National Fire Department.



Broader Terms:

Afghan National Security Forces
Nato Training Mission - Afghanistan/Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan

Narrower Terms:

Afghan Local Police
law enforcement

Related Terms:

Afghan National Army

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