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Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service

Definition/Scope: The Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service (ARRS) constitutes the Air Force's primary search, rescue, and recovery force. Its mission is to provide a worldwide capability to search for, locate, and recover personnel and aerospace hardware in support of USAF and other DOD global aerospace operations. Rescue missions, carried out in all areas of the free world, fall into four broad categories: aircrew recovery, manned space flight recovery, precautionary and emergency search and rescue. The term ARRS has been replaced by personnel recovery.


personnel recovery

Used For:

Air Rescue Service



Broader Terms:

Air Combat Command
Air Mobility Command

Narrower Terms:

personnel recovery
Regional Rescue Coordination Center
Rescue Coordination Center
search and rescue

Related Terms:

210th Aerospace Rescue Squadron
Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
Air Rescue Service
Alaska Rescue Coordination Center
Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centers
pararescue jumpers
US Southern Command Joint Search and Rescue Center

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