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Cargo Movement Operations System

Definition/Scope: (TIS.ARMY.MIL) Cargo Movement Operations System (CMOS) is an Air Force standard system that integrates basic Department of Defense (DoD) and Air Force transportation policies and procedures. This system automates information management in receiving, shipment planning, packing and crating, and air/surface terminal work centers during normal operations and transportation mobility operations during wartime/crisis situations. This system provides work centers with coordinated information regarding scheduling of material, material receiving, packing, routing, preparation, and shipping and also provides automated documentation support. Timely and accurate information is available in CMOS throughout the shipping life cycle. Through electronic and "air gap" (i.e., manual transfer of information via floppy diskette) interfaces, CMOS provides significant improvements in accessing, transmitting, and managing accurate transportation information. This information allows transportation command and control managers to make accurate and fast decisions regarding the effective movement of urgently needed resources during peacetime, wartime, and crisis situations. CMOS also interfaces with and supports wartime/peacetime Command and Control (C2) execution and tracking systems. To achieve CMOS tracking and reporting goals, interfacing communications must be in place to provide information transfer over Local Area Networks (LANs) for short-distance needs and the Defense Data Network (DDN) for long-haul requirements.



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US Air Force

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terminal (transportation)

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