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Electronic Proving Ground

Definition/Scope: (EPG.ARMY.MIL) The stated mission is: to plan, conduct, and analyze the results of Technical Tests for C5I systems, Signal Intelligence, and Electronic Combat (EC)/Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment. In addition to conducting developmental tests, we support the Army operational test community in the conduct of operational tests, user tests, and experiments. The Electronic Proving Ground reopened Fort Huachuca doors on 1 February 1954 when the Chief Signal Officer decided that the area and climate were ideal for testing electronic and communications equipment. The name was derived from the mission ? to test, prove, explore, and evaluate systems and devices utilizing the electron ? a simple descriptive name embracing its primary function as the Army’s proving ground for testing and evaluating communications-electronics equipment and systems.

Broader Terms:

Developmental Test Command
US Army Test and Evaluation Command

Related Terms:

Aberdeen Test Center
Army Evaluation Center
Cold Regions Test Center
Developmental Test Command
Dugway Proving Ground
Operational Test Command
Redstone Technical Test Center
test and evaluation
Tropic Regions Test Center
White Sands Missile Range
Yuma Proving Ground

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