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Company Intelligence Support Team

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 3-21.71) The company intelligence support team (COIST) assists the company team commander in collating and analyzing data collected by CABs, other units, and his platoon and squads. The company intelligence support team is the primary filter and analysis center for raw data at the company level. (ATTP 3-06.11) The company intelligence support team describes the effects of the weather, enemy, terrain, and local population upon unified operations (UO) to - aid the commander in his decision making by bringing a fused intelligence picture down to the company and to assist the battalion by providing a flow of bottom-up intelligence. (ATTP 3-32.50) A company intelligence support team is an organization formed at the company level to perform intelligence tasks as directed by the commander. The COIST performs analysis, processing, and dissemination of tactical information and intelligence for the company commander. Commanders usually establish COISTs while conducting stability operations but may also establish COISTs to provide dedicated intelligence support during offensive or defensive operations. The need for a company intelligence team in no way negates the need for intelligence sections at higher echelons. The COIST is most effective if its work is complementary to that of the battalion S-2.



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