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Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 4-32) The mission of Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC) is to prevent potential IED attacks by coordinating and managing the unified efforts of law enforcement, intelligence, and military assets to technically and forensically exploit all terrorist IEDs worldwide of interest to the U.S. government. The information and intelligence derived from the exploitation of terrorist IEDs is used to provide actionable intelligence to anti-terror missions and to help protect the U.S. military and coalition assets around the globe. ( TEDAC was conceived in response to a need by the Department of Defense (DOD) to combat the improvised explosive device (IED) threat in Iraq and Afghanistan. In October 2003, TEDAC began receiving its first devices. To date, TEDAC has received more than 71,000 IED submissions from Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, TEDAC has received several devices from international partners. The mission of TEDAC is to directly contribute to the eradication of the IED threat. TEDAC informs its partners, who disrupt those individuals and networks responsible for the design, development, purchase, assembly, and deployment of IEDs by providing: scientific and technical exploitation of IEDs through physical examination utilizing established and innovative forensic techniques; actionable intelligence related to device attributes and terrorist tactics, techniques, and procedures made available to intelligence and law enforcement partners; timely response according to partners? priority requests for intelligence, device exploitation, data, and analysis; forecasts of IED-related threats worldwide through research and development and the production and dissemination of finished intelligence products by leveraging deliberate scientific and technical analysis of IEDs; and a centralized repository for IED-related material collected through liaison and strategic partnering.



Broader Terms:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Quantico Virginia

Narrower Terms:

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive

Related Terms:

Intelligence Community
law enforcement agencies

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