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observe, detect, identify, neutralize

Definition/Scope: ( ODIN (observe, detect, identify, neutralize) is a task force stood up in Iraq in 2006 to observe, identify, neutralize, and attack improvised explosive device (IED) networks. This task force is designed to go after the human side of the attacks in an effort to counter the effectiveness of the IED attacks. Part of that effort was the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to collect observe and detect the human element. Communication intelligence was also important in that it allowed for the tracing of the financier to the person planting the IED. The overwatch capability and efficiency of the task force greatly improved the combat effectiveness of the fighting units and saved many lives.



Broader Terms:

Unmanned Aircraft System

Narrower Terms:

counter-improvised explosive device
Improvised Explosive Device
Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition

Related Terms:

human intelligence
Joint Counter Remote Control Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare
Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Task Force
signal intelligence

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