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7th fleet

Definition/Scope: ( The U.S. 7th Fleet is the largest U.S. numbered fleet, with 60-70 ships, 200-300 aircraft and approximately 40,000 Sailors and Marines operating in the region on a typical day. In addition to U.S.-based carrier and expeditionary strike groups that conduct rotational deployments to the region, there are 23 ships forward deployed to U.S. facilities in Japan and Guam. They form the heart of the 7th Fleet and provide a permanent, ready and highly capable presence, while reducing transit times and support costs by operating from overseas bases.

Broader Terms:

Department of Defense
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

Task Force 70
Task Force 72
Task Force 73
Task Force 74
Task Force 76

Related Terms:

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Yokosuka

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