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Commander Task Force Five Six

Definition/Scope: (CUNSC) Commander Task Force 56 (CTF-56) supports nine different task groups including expeditionary combat, logistical support and combat service support forces. The mission of CTF-56 is to properly assign and manage Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) forces in theater. CTF-56 has several different task groups that fall under their command. These task groups include: Naval construction force, Navy explosive ordnance disposal, mobile diving and salvage, maritime expeditionary security forces, Navy expeditionary logistics support forces, combat camera, riverine squadrons, expeditionary intelligence units, maritime civil affairs teams and expeditionary training teams. CTF-56 task groups provide various services to the commands they are assigned to in Bahrain and throughout the region.



Broader Terms:

Naval Support Activity Bahrain
US Naval Forces Central Command

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