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mission essential vulnerable area

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 3-39.92) A mission-essential or vulnerable area (MEVA) is a facility or activity that, by virtue of its function, is evaluated by the commander as vital to the successful mission accomplishment. MEVAs may include information, equipment, property, and facilities. A facility or area should be designated as a MEVA if it is essential to mission accomplishment and vulnerable to a threat that is intent on destroying, damaging, taking, or tampering with property or equipment. MEVAs are normally recommended by the provost marshal or the PSO and approved by the commander. Once approved, MEVAs are designated in writing and included in the installation physical security plan. A vulnerability assessment is conducted to prioritize and rank each MEVA for resource allocation. Some examples could include classified areas, motor pools, arms room, vaults. All MEVAs must have a security plan based upon threat level.



Broader Terms:

physical security
provost marshal
Provost Marshal Office

Narrower Terms:

Access Control Point
ammunition supply point
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources
high-risk target
Military Police
vulnerability assessment

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