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Definition/Scope: The BRDM-s 2 is an armored, four-wheel drive, amphibious reconnaissance vehicle with a centralized tire pressure regulation system for increased cross-country capability and a single water jet for propulsion through water. It differs from the BRDM due to a larger, box-like hull. It retains the boat-like bow of the BRDM, but the crew compartment has been moved farther forward and the engine has been moved to the rear. In the basic model, a small conical turret is mounted on the hull in a central position above the belly wheels. There are two front cupolas, and vision blocks are located centrally on both sides. The engine is larger than in the BRDM (140hp V-8 as opposed to 90hp 6-cylinder). The BRDM-2 is fitted with an IR spotlight and IR driving lights as well as an NBC filter system. The standard BRDM-2 was used for reconnaissance.

Broader Terms:

USSR Design Vehicle (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol)
wheeled personnel carrier

Narrower Terms:

AntiTank-2 Swatter
AntiTank-3 Sagger
AntiTank-5 Spandrel
BDRM-2rkh radiological-chemical recon vehicle

Related Terms:

BDRM-2rkh radiological-chemical recon vehicle

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