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Captain’s Career Course Air and Missile Defense

Definition/Scope: (DA Pam 600-3) Officers generally attend the CCC at their fourth year of service, which currently corresponds with promotion to CPT. Select ADA officers may have an opportunity to attend the resident phase of another combat arms branch CCC or the U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Warfare School. All captains must exercise continuous self-development to fully master all aspects of ADA operations including JIIM operations. Self-development initiatives may include (among others) on-line/correspondence courses, civilian education, professional reading programs, and other institutional training to broaden their warfighting perspective. Officers are eligible for functional designation at both their fourth and seventh years of service. The formal designation of functional areas is based on the needs of the Army, officer preference, military experience, and civilian schooling. Several functional areas provide advanced civil schooling, which may be granted upon selection to the functional area (subject to change).

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