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One Army School System

Definition/Scope: ( The One Army School System (OASS) is comprised of Active and Reserve Component schools, designed to provide relevant and realistic institutional training to an AFORGEN-based Army in an era of persistent conflict. Right-sized and responsive to the mission, OASS will improve Army readiness. To meet the challenges of the current operating environment, the Army created OASS, a rapidly adaptable system, to increase technical and specialized skills for leaders. OASS will ensure Soldiers, regardless of component, attend Professional Military Education (PME) or functional training courses on time and to standard. These instructors go to the Soldier versus sending the Soldiers to a school facility. (TRADOC) The One Army School System is one such initiative designed to enhance the Institutional Army’s support of the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) model. The current initiative at Fort Carson, Colo. will lead to a multi-component NCO Academy Table of Allowances and changes to WLC regionalization and distribution policies, which will accomplish the following: streamline WLC student throughput; gain training efficiencies in the planning and conduct of WLC throughout the Army; and achieve standardization of NCO Academy force structure throughout the Army. Upon full implementation, the One Army School System will provide increased training and education by leveraging the available resources of all three Army Components and establish multi-component facilities to train future warriors.



Broader Terms:

Army Reserve
Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
reserve component education

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Related Terms:

Professional Military Education

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