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hand grenade M47

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-23.30) The M47 CS riot-control hand grenade is a CS-filled, special-purpose, burning type grenade. Discharging the CS results in erratic “skittering” of the grenade on the ground making it difficult for rioters to recover and throw it back. The grenade causes fragmentation and reduces the possibility of starting a fire. The components are: the body is a hard rubber sphere with a CS exhaust port on the lower portion; the filler is 120 grams CS and pyrotechnic mixture and weighs 14.4 ounces (410 grams). The M47 CS grenade can be thrown approximately 35 to 45 meters. Upon ignition it will burn for approximately 6 to 20 seconds covering a 150-square meter area. The grenade has an exhaust port seal pull tab, which is removed and discarded immediately before pulling the safety cotter pin. When the safety cotter pin is removed and the safety latch is pushed rearward from the locking pin (Figure 1-13), the handle is unlocked and the GRENADE IS ARMED. The M47 is gray with a red band and red markings. Do not use a riot-control grenade in an enclosed area. If you must remain, always wear a protective mask.



Broader Terms:

hand grenade

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