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Definition/Scope: BRDM is a Russian armored patrol car. It has been known by several names to include BTR-40 and the GAZ 41. There have a couple of variations that included the BDRM-1 and -2. The key differences between the two include no turret, NBC protection or night vision capability on the -1. The -2 improves upon those shortcomings by adding a turret, larger armament, and protects against small arms fire. There is a -3 listed in some manuals but it is also reported that the -3 is a 9P148 anti-tank vehicle. BDRM is translated to combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle.

Acronym For:

USSR Design Vehicle (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol)

Broader Terms:

Armored Personnel Carrier
reconnaissance vehicles
Russian armed forces
Russian Ground Forces
wheeled vehicles

Related Terms:

9P148 ATGM launcher vehicles
AntiTank-3 Sagger
AntiTank-5 Spandrel

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