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Marine Personnel Carrier

Definition/Scope: (USMC PEO) The marine personnel carrier (MPC), as the medium capability category platform, provides a bridge in capability between the expeditionary fighting vehicle (EFV) and JLTV and a balance between the performance, protection and payload attributes. The MPC is an expeditionary armored personnel carrier ‐ ideal for irregular warfare ‐ yet effective across the full range of military operations, providing armor protected mobility for infantry battalion maneuver task forces. The MPC family of vehicles includes the baseline Personnel Carrier and two supporting mission role variants: a Command & Control variant and a Recovery & Maintenance variant.



Broader Terms:

Armored Personnel Carrier
light armored units
light armored vehicle
Marine Air-Ground Task Force
wheeled vehicles

Narrower Terms:

Light Armored Vehicle-25

Related Terms:

amphibious assault vehicle
Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Infantry mobility vehicle
wheeled armored personnel carrier

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