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Light Armored Vehicle-25

Definition/Scope: (MCWP 3-14.1) The LAV-25 is a lightly armored, eight-wheeled, amphibious vehicle. It is equipped with a stabilized 25mm cannon, a pintle-mounted 7.62mm machine gun, and a coaxially mounted 7.62mm machine gun capable of engaging mechanized targets and personnel. The LAV-25 also uses the LAV-25 Day/Night Sight to provide enhanced night/battlefield smoke fighting and thermal imaging/target acquisition. This fire control sighting system is capable of attaining a high percentage of first round, destructive target hits. Manned and operated by a driver, a gunner, and a vehicle commander, the LAV-25 is capable of carrying four infantry scouts in the rear. A competent crew can bring accurate, high-volume firepower to bear against the enemy.



Broader Terms:

Armored Personnel Carrier
Marine Personnel Carrier
wheeled vehicles

Narrower Terms:

Fire Direction Center
observation post

Related Terms:

Marine Personnel Carrier

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