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Definition/Scope: The mission of a/the scout/scout platoon is to perform reconnaissance, provide limited security, and assist in controlling the battalion?s movement. The scout platoon is normally employed as a unit under battalion control. However, under certain conditions it may be attached to another unit or operate as a separate element with an area of operations of its own. Generally, under all three of these conditions, it is the primary mission of the scout platoon to find the enemy. In a jungle environment it normally performs route, zone, and area reconnaissance. The scout platoon has a limited capability to conduct security operations, to provide early warning of enemy maneuver, and to deny the enemy information concerning the battalion disposition and movements. The primary security mission for the scout platoon is the screen.

Broader Terms:

zone reconnaissance

Narrower Terms:

area reconnaissance
armed scout missions
covert breach
movement to contact
Scout Leaders Course
scout platoons

Related Terms:

joint air attack team

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