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split-based operation

Definition/Scope: (FM 1-02) The dividing of staff and command functions so that only those functions absolutely necessary are deployed, allowing some staff and command functions to be accomplished outside the area of operations. (FM 3-04.126 ) Split based operations are operations of platoons/sections independent of the company headquarters is referred to as split-based operations. Modularity of forces supporting BCTs requires companies to operate while geographically separated and with a decentralized command. Company headquarters may be collocated with their platoons or the platoons may be deployed forward in support of a BCT, ATF, or TF. Companies must be able to deploy, sustain combat operations, and fight wholly or as independent platoons or sections. The duration depends on mission requirements and will require sufficient logistics support. Additional augmentation of personnel and/or equipment may be required to fill essential mission support roles. The battalion, or some of its elements, will often deploy on stability and civil support operations into a theater having an immature logistics base. Logistics operations may be conducted in theater from the unit’s home station. (FM 100-5) The full integration of supply and transportation functions into a vertical distribution system is critical. Enhanced and assured communications allow selected logistics management functions to be accomplished from CONUS or from a forward-presence location, deploying only those functional capabilities absolutely necessary.

Broader Terms:

Army Material Command
executive officer
force projection

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Command and Control
Trojan Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence

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