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target identification

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-20.15) Target identification is the accurate and timely characterization of a detected object on the battlefield as friend, neutral, enemy, or unknown. Unknown objects should not be engaged; rather, the target identification process continues until positive identification has been made. An exception to this is a weapons-free zone where units can fire at anything that is not positively identified as friendly. Target identification provides the accurate and timely characterization of detected personnel and objects as friendly, neutral, enemy, or unknown. It is time-sensitive and directly supports a Soldier?s target engagement decision. Quick and accurate target identification involves training and technology to maximize correct identification. (FM 90-3) Target identification is the recognition of a potential military target as being a particular object (such as a specific vehicle, by type). At a minimum, this identification must determine the potential target as friendly or threat (identify friend, foe, or neutral [IFFN]).

Broader Terms:

Quick Reaction Combat Capability

Related Terms:

Identification Friend or Foe
target acquisition

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