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Tactical Field Care

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 4-02) During the tactical field care phase, medical personnel and their casualties are no longer under effective hostile fire and can provide more extensive patient care. In this phase, interventions directed at other life-threatening conditions, as well as resuscitation and other measures to increase the comfort of the patient may be performed. Physicians and physician assistants at battalion aid stations also provide advanced trauma management. Care rendered by the medic/corpsman once they and the casualty are no longer under effective enemy fire. It could also apply to situations in which an injury has occured on a mission or patrol but there has been no hostile fire. Avaiable medical equipment is limited to what is carries in the medical pack.



Broader Terms:

Tactical Combat Casualty Care

Related Terms:

Battalion Aid Station
Care Under Fire
Combat Casualty Evacuation Care
forward resuscitative care

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