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Ultra–High Frequency Follow–on

Definition/Scope: (USN) The Ultra High Frequency Follow-On (UFO) System is a Department of Defense (DOD) program to provide communications for airborne, ship, submarine and ground forces. The UFO constellation replaced the U.S. DOD Fleet Satellite Communications System (FLTSATCOM) constellation and consists of up to eleven satellites. The spacecraft are controlled by the Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC) located at Point Mugu, CA. The UHF satellites will primarily serve tactical users. UFO provides almost twice as many channels as FLTSATCOM and has about 10 percent more power per channel.



Broader Terms:

Advanced Narrowband System
Global Command and Control System
Military Satellite Communication
Narrowband Military Satellite Communication
satellite communication

Related Terms:

Extremely High Frequency
high frequency
satellite communication
super high frequency
very high frequency
Very Low Frequency

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