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Extremely High Frequency

Definition/Scope: Extremely High Frequency (EHF) is the highest radio frequency. EHF is virtually useless over long distances. EHF is also known as MMW (millimeter wave). It is very susceptible to atmospheric interference. It is used primarily in radio astronomy and remote sensing. It is also being used for high-speed point to point wireless local area networks. It also has applications within the security arena such as body scanning. Use of EHF frequencies provides for narrow antenna beams for LPD and antijam capability. Additionally, EHF frequencies provide wide bandwidths for nuclear effects mitigation, as well as antijam capability. Both wide and narrow spot beam satellite antennas provide appropriate power levels for a variety of user terminals.

Used For:




Broader Terms:

frequency modulation
Protected Military Satellite Communication
satellite communication

Related Terms:

Advanced Extremely High Frequency System
Advanced Narrowband System
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Extremely High Frequency
frequency hopping
Global Broadcast System
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Ultra–High Frequency Follow–on
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Very Low Frequency

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