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554th Engineer Battalion

Definition/Scope: The 554th Engineer Battalion was constituted into the Army of the United States as the 354th Engineer General Service Regiment (Colored) on May 5, 1942, at Camp Maxey, Texas, near the Red River. After the Second World War, the unit was deactivated at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, on November 6, 1945. On February 25, 1954, the 354th Engineer General Service Regiment (Colored) was re-designated the 554th Engineer Battalion. The 554th Engineer Battalion was activated at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, on November 15, 1954. During the next decade the unit trained for potential conflict with the Soviet Union and its communist allies. The battalion was deactivated in March, 1963. Due to changes in global pressure, the battalion was re-activated on February 1, 1966, in preparation for the Vietnam Conflict. The 554th Engineer Battalion (Construction) served in Vietnam under the 20th Engineer Brigade from April 1967 to 1971 performing heavy construction tasks such as building base camps, roads, airfields, bridges, and pipelines. The battalion was deactivated in March, 1972. In November, 1986, the battalion transferred to the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, re-activating at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The 554th Engineer Battalion relocated from Fort Belvoir, Virginia, with the Engineer School to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, in January, 1990. On 20 June, 2008, the 554th Engineer Battalion amalgamated with the 577th Engineer Battalion. Today, the battalion continues its proud heritage of training engineer Soldiers. The battalion now trains all engineer officers, warrant officers, quarry (21G), divers (21D), and paving specialists and construction equipment operators (21V). Alpha Co Provides skill level 1 soldiers with the skills and knowledge required to operate heavy construction equipment and assist in combat engineering missions. Bravo Co is responsible for the Basic Officer Leadership Course. Charlie Co commands, supports, and executes Engineer/Ordnance Training and Education to produce technically and tactically competent, adaptive, disciplined, and fit Officers and Warrant Officers. Delta co executes, manages, and supports interservice diving and salvage training at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training center in Panama City, FL. Echo Co trains selected combat engineer unit leaders in leadership skills, combat engineer and infantry battle drills, and the specialized engineer and infantry techniques required to perform as members of a Sapper Battalion. Hotel Co executes and supports inter-service Construction Engineer training (21E), Phase I Army Dive training (12D), Quarry training (12G), and Asphalt and Concrete training (21V) in order to provide skilled, combat-ready engineers to the force who are ready to support the Army in full-spectrum operations.


554th ENG BN

Broader Terms:

Army Maneuver Support Center
Fort Leonard Wood

Narrower Terms:

army diver
Basic Officer Leader Course
combat engineer

Related Terms:

initial military training
joint training
One Station Unit Training
Panama City (FL)

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