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National Emergency Services Academy

Definition/Scope: The National Emergency Services Academy was originally known as the NGSAR (National Ground Search and Rescue School) at the Miller School in Virginia in 1996 with 42 students and staff. The NGSAR has since been transformed and incorporated into the NESA. It performs instruction on Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) procedures, Incident Command System School (ICSS), and Mission Aircrew School (MAS). Now headquartered at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, NESA is Civil Air Patrol’s largest National Special Activity, training 300-500 CAP Emergency Services operators from around the nation every summer. NESA provides training in all incident staff areas as part of its curricula, including ICS 300 and 400 level training required for NIMS compliance.



Broader Terms:

Camp Atterbury
civil air patrol
National Search and Rescue Plan
search and rescue

Narrower Terms:

personnel recovery

Related Terms:

Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

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