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Captains Career Common Core Course

Definition/Scope: (DA Pam 600-3) The Captain Career Common Core Course (C5) consists of the common core lessons approved by TRADOC for conversion to DL. It is a requirement for both AA and RC officers attending either an AA or RC version of the CCC. Officers are eligible to enroll in the C5 upon completion of BOLC III and promotion to first lieutenant. Completion of C5 is not a prerequisite for attendance at either the AA or RC version of the CCC, but it is a requirement for graduation. Officers can begin and potentially complete C5 prior to attendance at the resident portion of CCC. However, resident time will be allotted for completing C5, if necessary. Officers are encouraged to complete as much of C5 as possible prior to attending the resident phase. The C5 is listed in the ATRRS as a separate course, 01A?C22 (DL). Consequently, all AA and RC officers must enroll in C5 separately from the rest of the CCC. The AA officer CCC attendance is an assignment action by AHRC. Reserve Component CCC attendance is scheduled by the unit in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System at All resident CCC attendance is in a permanent change of station (PCS) status with the exception of the MEDCOM which is attended in a temporary duty (TDY) status. The RC CCC provides the same educational outcomes as the CCC (AA) in roughly the same amount of time as the former RC Officer Advanced Course and RC CAS3. The RC CCC now follows a 13-month model which includes the C5, two 15-day resident periods, and 11 months for completing branch specific DL phases. Branches may include a technical prerequisite DL phase prior to the first resident phase. Officers have the flexibility to complete the DL at home station. The common core is the consolidation of common skills training and training subjects prescribed by law, Army regulations or other higher authority. These subjects comprise the tasks all officers are expected to perform successfully, regardless of branch. Common core instruction begins at pre-commissioning and continues at each educational level. The instruction is progressive and sequential, building upon the skills and knowledge acquired through previous training and operational assignments.



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Professional Military Education

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