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Basic Officer Leader Course II

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The BOLC–II (Experiential Leader Training). The BOLC–II is a rigorous, branch–immaterial course, physically and mentally challenging, with 84 percent of the training conducted via hands–on in a tactical or field environment. Focusing on the platoon, a cadre of officers and NCOs will continuously evaluate each student's performance in a series of leadership positions, under various conditions/situations. The student officers also participate in several peer reviews and self–assessments. The curriculum includes advanced land navigation training; rifle marksmanship; weapons familiarization; practical exercises in leadership; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear operations training; use of night vision equipment; and culminates in squad and platoon situational–training exercises using COE scenarios (including urban terrain). Students must negotiate confidence courses that challenge them to overcome personal fears. Junior officers will depart BOLC–II with greater confidence in their abilities to lead small units, an appreciation for the branches of the combined arms team, and a clear understanding of their personal strengths and weakness.



Broader Terms:

428th Field Artillery Brigade
Army officer
Army schools

Narrower Terms:

Army Officer Candidate School
Reserve Officer Training Corps
US Military Academy

Related Terms:

Basic Officer Leader Course
Basic Officer Leader Course III
Intermediate Level Education
Military Colleges
Warrant Officer Candidate School

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