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fire direction officer

Definition/Scope: (FM 6-40) The FDO is responsible for all FDC operations. They are responsible for the training of all FDC personnel, supervises the operation of the FDC, establishes standing operating procedure (SOP), checks target location, announces fire order, and ensures accuracy of firing data sent to the guns. The FDO has primary responsibility for computing safety data and for ensuring that all safety data are updated after registrations and receipt of current met data. He is responsible for adherence to a definite specified sequence of operations to aviod and elimiante errors and to save time. (FM 6-50) The FDO is responsible for the training and supervision of POC personnel. He also must be familiar with the duties of the platoon leader, as he will at times perform his duties also. His responsibilities may include the following: a. Decide to attack a target, and issue a fire order. b. Ensure accurate and timely determination of firing data. c. Ensure that maintenance checks are performed on the section vehicle, radios, computer, and generators in strict compliance with technical manuals. d. Ensure that the tactical situation map is current. e. Ensure accurate FDC records of missions fired are maintained. f. Ensure that data for prearranged fires are disseminated and understood. g. Ensure data from the other platoon is recorded and available. h. Supervise assumption of control of the fires of the other platoon when necessary. i. Perform independent safety computations, and verify the data with the platoon leader. j. Maintain muzzle velocity (MV) information for all howitzers.



Broader Terms:

Field Artillery
Fire Direction Center

Narrower Terms:

Firepower Control Team

Related Terms:

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