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Military Intelligence Captain Career Course

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) The Military Intelligence (MI) Captain?s Career Course is a 20 week institutional training course taught at Fort Huachuca. MI officers lead Soldiers and civilians in directing, collecting, processing, producing, and disseminating intelligence. All MI officers must know, understand, and be able to function in all intelligence disciplines; human intelligence (HUMINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), and open source intelligence (OSINT). Additionally MI officers must understand the counterintelligence (CI) function and how it provides multidiscipline support to force protection through operations security, deception, and rear area operations. Officers within the MI Branch are assigned throughout the force from maneuver battalion level to Joint, unified and specified commands. MI officers perform numerous tasks ranging from intelligence preparation of the battlespace (IPB) in a tactical battlefield situation, to strategic intelligence collection management and analysis. Officers generally attend the combined MI officer’s Tactician Course (MIOTC) and the MI CCC at their 4th YOS. All Officers will attend the MIOTC and the MI CCC. Optimally an officer should serve for an aggregate of 12/24 months in a key developmental (KD) assignment such as: Battalion S2, BCT A/S2 S2X/electronic attack officer, Analysis and control element, Collection manager/targeting officer/watch officer, Company or detachment command, CTC observer/controller (OC), MI advisor-combat (foreign nation TT), Developmental branch specific assignments will provide captains with exposure to the Army and in some cases, to JIIM organizations.

Used For:

Captains Career Course Military Intelligence



Broader Terms:

Command and General Staff College

Narrower Terms:

human intelligence
imagery intelligence
measurement and signature intelligence
open-source intelligence
signal intelligence

Related Terms:

Fort Huachuca
Fort Leavenworth
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