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Kandahar International Airport

Definition/Scope: Kandahar International Airport uses the International Air Transport Association (IATA) of KDH. The airport is near Kandahar City in Afghanistan. Originally built by the United States in 1962, it was to be used as a refueling stop for piston engine airplanes. As of Apr 2012 it is known as the Kandahar Airfield (KAF). (AFCENT) The Commander of Kandahar Airfield (COMKAF) position and Headquarters was established Aug. 1, 2007, as a command and control organization to assume responsibility for KAF, on behalf of NATO, from the United States. COMKAF, a NATO organization, operates NATO’s largest APOD--maintaining air operations at the world’s single busiest runway. COMKAF’s mission is to protect, operate, support and develop Kandahar Airfield. The Commander, is the installation commander, the senior airfield authority and the Ground Defense Area commander. KAF is: a) an Airport of Debarkation (APOD); supporting a wide variety of logistical strategic airlift, the staging and deployment of personnel, supplies and equipment into and out of the theatre; b) a Deployed Operating Base (DOB); providing close air support to combat operations, as well as tactical intra-theatre air transport; c) a Forward Support Base (FSB); for NATO/ISAF and southern Afghanistan, providing support for ground units’ personnel, supplies and equipment; and d) a Garrison providing accommodations, infrastructure for national coalition headquarters and units. KAF hosts numerous units, including two other major HQs, these being Regional Command South (RC-S) HQ and Task Force Kandahar (TFK) HQ. In addition, a total (as of Apr 2012) of 40 nationalities operate within KAF (including contractors). The four stakeholder nations are France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The current population count is roughly 26,000, to include civilians, military and contractors. Kandahar is located in the southeastern portion of Afghanistan at the edge of the Margow Desert. The camp sits on an ancient dry lake bed and is surrounded by mountains.

Used For:

Kandahar Airfield



Broader Terms:

Allied Forces Central Europe
ICAO airport codes
International Air Transport Association codes
international airports by name
Marine Aircraft Groups

Narrower Terms:

Aerial Port Of Debarkation
Close Air Support

Related Terms:

Aerial Port Of Debarkation
air transport
airlift capability
airlift transportation
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Kandahar Airfield
strategic airlift

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