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air support request

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-09.3). Two types of close air support requests (AIRSUPREQ) are: 1) Preplanned requests that may be filled with either scheduled or on-call air missions. Those close air support requirements foreseen early enough to be included in the first air tasking order distribution are submitted as preplanned air support requests for close air support. Only those air support requests submitted in sufficient time to be included in the joint air tasking cycle planning phases and supported on the air tasking order are considered preplanned requests. 2) Immediate requests that are mostly filled by diverting preplanned missions or with on-call missions. Immediate requests arise from situations that develop outside the air tasking order planning cycle.



Broader Terms:

Air Liaison Officer

Narrower Terms:

Close Air Support

Related Terms:

close air support aircraft
Joint Close Air Support
requests for assistance

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