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4th Cavalry Brigade (Saber Brigade)

Definition/Scope: The 4th Cavalry Brigade, First Army Division East is a multi-component training Brigade. Its mission is to Train Soldiers and Units for operations in support of the Combatant Commander’s directives within the scope of the Unit’s mission while deployed. Although the Brigade Headquarters and two of the four subordinate Battalions are located at Fort Knox, Kentucky, the Saber Brigade’s mission entails deploying trainers throughout the Continental United States and into the Central Command Area of Responsibility. The vast majority of Soldiers assigned to the Brigade serve as Trainer/Mentors, with the primary mission to deploy to the training site and coach, teach, and mentor individual Soldiers and Units prior to and/or during Mobilization. The Brigade is composed of World Class Trainers who train Units and Soldiers through World Class Training Events. The Brigade is made up of Soldiers from the Active Component, the United States Army Reserve, the Army National Guard and from the Operation Warrior Trainer Program (from re-deploying Army National Guard and Army Reserve Units). The four subordinate Battalions include a Cavalry Squadron, an Artillery Battalion and two Combat Service Support Battalions. The 4th Cavalry Brigade traces its lineage and honors to the 4th Cavalry Brigade of the 2nd Cavalry Division. Placed on the Army rolls in 1921, the 2nd Cavalry Division was activated at Fort Riley, Kansas in February, 1941, with the historic 9th and 10th Cavalries as its regiments. In August and September, 1941, the 4th Cavalry Brigade participated in the Louisiana maneuvers and later maneuvers in Kansas. Later flagged as the 4th Tank Destroyer Group, the unit landed in France on 19 July 1944 and saw extensive action in Europe, with campaign credit for Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe. During those campaigns, the 4th Tank Destroyer Group supported the 5th Infantry Division, 90th Infantry Division, and 95th Infantry Division in crossing the Moselle and Saar rivers, taking Metz and breaching the Siegfried Line. The 4th Tank Destroyer Group was deactivated in 1945. In October 1977 it was reconstituted at Fort Knox, Kentucky as Headquarters, 4th Cavalry Brigade. In October 1999, the unit was reflagged as 4th Brigade, 85th Division. The unit was reflagged as 4th Cavalry Brigade on 1 December 2006.


4th Cav Bde

Broader Terms:

Camp Shelby
First Army Division East
Fort Benning
Fort Bliss
Fort Bragg
Fort Dix
Fort Knox
Fort Mccoy
US Army Reserve Command

Related Terms:

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