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naval and amphibious liaison element

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-56.1) The naval and amphibious liaison element (NALE) is responsive to the Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC) on matters pertaining to Navy and Marine amphibious operations. The NALE processes Navy force and Marine landing force requests for air support and monitors and interprets the maritime battle situation for the JAOC. The NALE provides the necessary interface for the exchange of current operational and intelligence data between components and the JAOC. The NALE also coordinates maritime requirements for air defense, long-range interdiction, and long-range requirements and monitors Navy and Marine airspace and air traffic control requirements and changes. The NALE provides feedback to the JAOC and components on current and future joint air operations concerning integration of force requirements.



Broader Terms:

Joint Air Operations Center

Related Terms:

Theater Air Control System

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