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control and reporting center

Definition/Scope: (USAF) The control and reporting center (CRC) is a mobile command, control, and communications radar element of the US Air Force theater air control system. The CRC integrates a comprehensive air picture via multiple data links from air-, sea-, and land-based sensors, as well as from its surveillance and control radars. It performs decentralized command and control of joint operations by conducting threat warning, battle management, theater missile defense, weapons control, combat identification, and strategic communications. The CRC consists of several separate subsystems all integrated to perform its various missions. The AN/TPS-75 Radar System ("Tipsy 75") is a mobile tactical radar system capable of providing 3-dimensional, 360 degree coverage out to 240NM. It provides a "real-time" radar airspace picture and data in support of the Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC). The data from the TPS-75 is passed to the AN/TYQ-23 Operations Module (OM) for processing and action by operators. The CRC directly supports the JFACC requirement for situational awareness and execution of the Air Tasking Order/Airspace Control Order (ATO/ACO) by performing the theater battle management functions of surveillance, early warning, combat identification, force allocation, weapons control, airspace management, theater missile defense, all source sensor data fusion, and intra-service connectivity. In addition to the major subsystems above, the CRC has numerous "commodity" items to enable all aspects of the mission to be met. Satellite communications consists of the TSC-94 and the TSC-100A communications terminals. The terminals are designed to operate in a communications jamming environment using a ground-mobile force control modem. The CRC also has Theater Deployable Communications (TDC) which is a state-of-the-art, ground-to-ground communications infrastructure designed to transmit and receive voice, data, and video communications securely to or from wireless, satellite, or hard-wired sources. This system is both mobile and modular, allowing the Air Force the flexibility to tailor the system to its specific needs, and to transport the system anywhere in the world for military contingencies, while drastically reducing the communications problems typically associated with airlift and manpower.



Broader Terms:

Theater Air Control System

Narrower Terms:

combat identification
Theater Air Control System
theater missile defense
threat warning

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