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Army airspace command and control system

Definition/Scope: (FM 100-103) Army airspace command and control (A2C2) consists of those actions that ensure the synchronized use of airspace and enhance the command and control of those forces using airspace. The A2C2 system includes those organizations, personnel, facilities, and procedures required to perform the airspace control function. The A2C2 system, when linked with the airspace control authority (ACA) by communications, standardized procedures, and liaison, becomes part of the theater integrated airspace control system. The airspace control function consists of coordination, integration, and regulation of the use of airspace of defined dimensions. It also provides for identification of all airspace users. Coordination is that degree of authority necessary to achieve effective, efficient, and flexible use of airspace. Through integration, requirements for the use of this airspace are consolidated to achieve a common objective at the lowest possible level. Through regulation, activities in this airspace are supervised to prevent real-time conflicts among the various airspace users while achieving the necessary flexibility to ensure the greatest combat effectiveness. Identification promotes timely engagement of enemy aircraft while reducing the potential of fratricide.



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