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Aviation Liaison team

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-04.111) The aviation brigade headquarters contains an aviation liaison team (ALT) to facilitate operations with higher headquarters and/or supported ground maneuver units. Since the aviation brigade has limited liaison assets available, liaison teams are organic to aviation battalions and represent their units as directed to facilitate air-ground integration and planning. Although a brigade aviation element (BAE) conducts many of the functions traditionally performed by liaison officers (LNOs), aviation liaison teams remain a critical part of the process and thus must be staffed appropriately. While a BAE works directly for the BCT commander as a permanent member of his or her staff, aviation liaison teams represent the supporting aviation TF at designated maneuver headquarters for the duration of a specific operation. If collocated with a BAE, the liaison team normally works directly with the brigade aviation officer as a functioning addition to the BAE staff section. Effective employment of LNOs is imperative for coordination and synchronization. Often aviation liaison teams coordinate with the BAE and proceed to a supported ground maneuver battalion location. An example would be an aviation liaison team in support of an infantry battalion performing an air assault to seize a key piece of terrain.



Broader Terms:

Aviation Combat Element
Brigade Aviation Element

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element

Related Terms:

aviation brigades

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